• Stitch & Shuttle
    is a celebration of the history,
    art and craft of textiles.
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  • Kantha table linen.

    Stitch & Shuttle combines the centuries-old traditions of fabric printing and weaving in a collection of high-quality Indian textiles. Attractive tabletop, home and kitchen essentials and extras are crafted with close attention to detail in colors that reflect exotic spices and precious jewels.

    From rich hues to vibrant shades, warmth is captured in cushions, table linens, tablecloths and napkins alike.

  • Made by hand.

    For lighter palettes, fresh citrus and tropical colors balance the depth of sapphire and indigo, and the calm of neutrals complements the entire Stitch & Shuttle line.

    We have partnered with designers and craftswomen in India to bring you a collection of table linens, kitchen textiles and cushions that fuse rich textile traditions with a thoroughly modern aesthetic.

    This brand is distributed worldwide