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  • Staybowlizer keeps bowls steady on all surfaces and makes double boiling a snap. This ingenious kitchen helper won the 2014 Innovation Award at the IHA show. Consider the Staybowlizer a helping hand in the kitchen.

    Mix, whisk and whip with one hand while keeping the other hand free to add ingredients. This indispensable device is a welcome replacement for ineffective damp towels under skidding bowls. Use Staybowlizer to cradle any size bowl or to suction-lock it onto any countertop.

  • Staybowlizer is heat resistant to 260C/500F and can be used to create a double boiler with any heat resistant bowl. Protect countertops from hot pans, keep pet bowls in place or secure bowls on moving boats and RV’s. Staybowlizer is an extra pair of hands inside and outside the kitchen.

    This brand is distributed with in CA & USA only