Sales FAQ

  • Do you sell directly to the public?

    No, we are a wholesaler and distributor dealing directly with retailers.

    What lines do you represent?

    Now Designs, London Pottery, Danica Studio, Stitch & Shuttle and Coca-Cola.

    What are your minimums for placing orders?

    Opening orders need to reach $350, reorders and individual shipments thereafter $150. Each product has a minimum quantity to order in and pack sizes may not be broken. New accounts should please submit their business registration number.

    How do I obtain a catalog/pricelist?

    Please locate our sales rep for your area in the Contact Us section of our website and request a catalog and pricelist through them.

  • What currency is your pricelist in?

    All prices are USD and are net wholesale to trade only.

    How do I place an order?

    Please locate our sales rep for your area in the Contact Us section of our website and place your order directly through them.

    May I order online?

    Yes! If you are an existing customer please contact to request your user name and password and click here to start buying.

    If you are a new customer contact to get set up. Wholesale only. If you are not a retailer, click here to find a store near you or online.

    How do I request product images?

    Requests for images may be made through our Media Support & Media Relations Department.

    How do I obtain your credit application form?

    Click here to download a pdf.

  • Where/how do I remit payment?

    Please send it to Now Designs: 2150 Peace Portal Way, Blaine, WA 98230

    Additional queries may be directed to our Credit Manager Chris Tenenoff. We do not participate in C.O.D deliveries.

    What is your back order policy?

    Back orders ship automatically and without notification within 60 days of the original shipment. If a backorder has been held over 60 days from the original shipment or is valued under $75, we reserve the right to cancel shipment.

    How do I find out who my sales representative is?

    Please refer to the Contact Us page of our website.

    How can I make a claim?

    Sometimes mistakes happen. Whether you need to claim a damage, short shipment, or even
    a general quality issue, simply fill out our claim form and then email or fax it to our Customer Service department. A representative will contact you to confirm your claim has been received and advise you if there is any additional action required.

  • Do you offer terms?

    Yes, subject to credit approval. Standard terms offered are
    Net 30.

    What is your freight policy?

    Freight charged on orders over $1500 may be deducted if invoice is paid within assigned terms. Our freight promise is that any order that reaches $350 will never have more than 10% freight.

    How do I return product/request credit?

    No returns are accepted without prior written authorization. Returns may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Credits may be requested by providing item numbers, quantities and the issue with each to

    Do you offer discounts?

    Yes! We offer an Early Booking program with a 5% discount, Net 90 (OAC) or a 7.5% discount, Net 60 (OAC). Our seasonal Restocking program with a 5% discount is also available.

    Discounts are offered prior to the start of the upcoming season. Please direct inquiries through our Sales Representative for your area. Additionally, ask about Specials at the end of a season where deals up to 40% off may be found!