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    We develop custom and private label programs for department stores, big box retailers and mass merchants, including warehouse clubs, drug store chains, hardware stores and supermarkets. Our clientele is evenly split between specialty and large retailers with customers in over 40 countries.

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    As our product line grows, so does our range of customers. Look for our exceptional products in
    a wide variety of locations including children’s stores, gardening centres, food markets and
    on-line retailers.

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  • ✓ Department Stores
    ✓ Lifestyle
    ✓ Online Retailers and Catalogs
    ✓ Gourmet Supermarkets
    ✓ Grocery Stores
    ✓ Drug Stores
    ✓ Mass Retailers
    ✓ Discounters
    ✓ Museum Gift Shops
    ✓ Children’s Stores
    ✓ Hospitality Venues
    ✓ Promotional Sales